Body Rule Update

Muscle Car Bodies: Teams will be permitted to run the ARBodies Muscle Car Bodies (Mustang, Camaro, Challenger) Fenders, Quarters, Nose, Tail, Hood, Trunk, Nose, Tail, Pillars permitted to be fiberglass. Doors must be steel or aluminum, Roof center panel must be steel.

Teams will be required to maintain a steel center roof panel (Must be steel entire width between drip edges) Teams may use A, B, and C pillars from muscle car or stock roof. (pillars from muscle car body allowed to be fiberglass)

Teams will also be required to use a steel or aluminum door panel as part of muscle car body.

Body must match chassis manufacturer (example: Mustang- Mustang, Neon-Challenger, Cavalier-Camaro, etc…)

Cars using ABC nose panels will be permitted to use plastic matching fenders. Doors, and quarters must conform to standard NEMST rules