Looking At The Road Ahead


We have had one race so far this season on the NEMST, a legendary event held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on the road course won by Mike Mason. Front wheel drive showed dominance in the finishing order taking 2 of the 3 podium positions.  The season looking forward will bring the NEMST back to its roots and focus back on the left hand turned short tracks of the New England region.  We have 4 very different races coming up in 6 weeks that will let strong teams and machines prevail.


June 2nd Waterford Speedbowl Four-Cylinder Fury

               The NEMST will make its return to the fast southeastern Connecticut racetrack on June 2nd as part of the Speedbowl’s annual four-cylinder  fury night. Last year this race had Calvin Rose Jr of Turner, ME Dominate the event and prove the oval was his playground. This year many more contenders have joined the NEMST and have a rich history at the Speedbowl including John Kelly, Mark Panaroni, and Danny Field. When the NEMST rolls into the Speedbowl many Thompson and Waterford minis will join in on the tourings series action!


June 16th Twin State Speedway

                As  the third visit in the NEMST history to the Twin State Speedway in Claremont, NH approaches tour drivers will prepare their vehicle for another track change onto the tight 1/3 mile oval. The distinctive first turn at TSS proves to be the challenging point year over year for NEMST competitors. With no weekly mini stock vehicles all cars racing at TSS will be NEMST touring drivers. Emerson Cayer showed strength at the oval near his home last year by making it his second of 3 eventual wins on the 2011 season.


June 28th Thompson International Speedway Battle of the Mini Stocks

                For the third season in a row the NEMST will make a summertime trip to the largest little track in New England, albeit this year’s visit a month earlier then previous years. The special night at Thompson will feature a special format for mini stock teams, weekly and NEMST divisions will have their features and then a special 20 lap cash only bonus race is featured to see who has the fastest mini in the land. Previous winners for the NEMST portion include 2010 champion Chris McKinstry in the tightest finish in NEMST history and last years winner tour invader Mark Panaroni. Can Mark prove his Mustang can clear the rest of the pack this season?


July 7th New Hampshire Motor Speedway Mini Oval

                July brings the second visit from the NEMST to the NHMS complex in 3 months. This time teams will trade their 1:24 second laps for 16-17 second variations on the turns 1 & 2 ¼ mile mini oval. Ricky Labrecque set the fast time on practice day at 17.4 seconds. The tight turns and newness of the course is sure to challenge all teams on setup. Waterford Speedbowl has their annual summer vacation this day as well which is sure to raise the car count as the southern New England tour invaders come north to the largest sports complex in the region and try to knock off the tour regulars.

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