King of the Mini Stocks To Be Crowned November 6 At Concord Speedway

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North East Mini Stock Tour competitors have raced all over New England and into the Midwest with the current ‘outlaw’ rules package. In March of 2015 Jake Rheaume was headed to the Vores Cup in Indianapolis but after a series of event changes and cancellations ended up at Caraway Speedway in North Carolina to race against their Mustang dominated mini stocks. Rheaume ended the day with a 5th place but respectable finish as the first front wheel drive car to compete in the tracks top 4-cylinder division.

Over the next few months talks ensued between Darren Hackett and Bob Guptill to figure out how to get the North East touring series to battle against the southern cars in North Carolina once again. In the time since those talks have been going on it was announced that the North South Shootout would return to the famed tri oval that is Concord Speedway. This made teams want to compete as part of the event south of the Mason-Dixon even more.

It has been confirmed that on Friday November 6th the NEMST will join the southern mini stocks in crowning the King of the Mini Stocks in a North-South style battle as part of the 2 day event. The mini stocks will compete in a 50 lap main event with a $1000 to win and a $75 to start guaranteed payout. Numerous awards and bonuses will also be announced but have yet to be released. On behalf of NEMST Promoter Bob Guptill all NEMST registered teams will see a $50 tow-money bonus if they compete in the Concord, NC event.

Rules will follow the Caraway Mini Stock rules or NEMST rules. Either book can be run as long as it is run in its entirety, no combining of rule books. For technical information please contact Caraway Speedway or Bob Guptill to ask questions on the event. Please visit or for additional event information and hotel booking information.