Current Lap Money and Bonus Award List For 4-Cylinder Nationals


The following laps have been sold and are not available for purchase at the 9/15 4-Cylinder Nationals. **updated 12:00 12/10/16*

4-Kyle Treadwell Motorsports
7- #7 Vintage Outlaw
8- Northwest Mini Stock Tour
14-Northwest Mini Stock Tour
22- Northwest Mini Stock Tour
23-Rocketman Speedworks
32-Rocketman Speedworks
33-Young Guns Racing
36-Rocketman Speedworks
38-Wade Cole Motorsports
44-Kyle Treadwell Motorsports
50-Mike Twist
51-Speed51 $100
53-Nick Bissell
56-Northwest Mini Stock Tour
63-Rocketman Speedworks
70-Mike Twist
76- Northwest Mini Stock Tour
77-HMS Tire Treatment
98-DDR Motorsports Development
99-Rocketman Speedworks

$100 Hard Charger Bonus from DDR Motorsports Development