2019 Update, NEMST SSSS

Our 2019 schedules will take a little longer than normal to be announced due to factors beyond the control of the NEMST and the SSSS.  I have always worked hard to be completely honest and transparent to our competitors and will not change that philosophy now.  I would like to share with all of the competitors where things stand and the reasons for that.

We had worked as far back as June to build the 2019 schedule and had confirmed four NEMST dates at Star Speedway along two NEMST and one SSSS date at Hudson Speedway.  Events were discussed and expected to be scheduled at other facilities in New Hampshire as well.  This was prior to the formation of NHSTRA.

Cooperation among tracks and tours is important for the continued success of this sport, so our tours were very open in working with NHSTRA from day one.  We shared our experiences, plans and input from our competitors freely.  We reported the results of our rules meetings with competitors to sources within the NHSTRA.  We even shared our complete 2019 NEMST rules package with the organization to be used as the basis for their own package.

Some differences in the Street Stock rules packages remained.  We created and announced our 2019 rules after using last year’s rules and making modifications based on direct input from our competitors.  We worked hard to balance out different rules packages from throughout New England and upstate New York as we had competitors from those areas compete with us in 2018.  In the end, we developed a package where NHSTRA competitors along with teams from tracks spanning from Northern Maine to Connecticut would be able to compete.  To show our support for NHSTRA, we offered to not schedule any conflicting race dates.

This was not agreeable to the NHSTRA, which took a hard line that our established tours must adopt their complete rules packages.  We were told in no uncertain terms at the PRI show in Indianapolis to either join the NHSTRA or get out of their way.  Threats were made, yet we have spent the past ten days working to salvage the situation and find a solution that would be beneficial to all of our competitors.  Unfortunately, that common ground could not be reach and the NHSTRA has informed our tours of a pact not to host any of our tour events and declare our tours as “enemies”.

We find this to be very unfortunate at a time when short track racing is already very fragile.  Over ten years ago, the NEMST was formed to fill a void in Mini Stock racing. Two years ago, the SSSS was formed after competitors approached us to host a series for Street Stocks after an existing tour closed down.  We have worked hard to be competitor friendly in everything from technical rules to race procedures to our schedules.  We exist entirely because of the racers and will not partake in back room dealing to further our own interests at the expense of some competitors.  We instead will commit to making all of our tours as inclusive as possible.

We hope that competitors will keep this in mind when making their 2019 plans as it is our position that the ownership and management of Lee USA Speedway, Monadnock Speedway, Claremont Speedway, Hudson Speedway, and Star Speedway do not have the racers in mind with their current rules.

Racing needs people working together not dictating who and what happens. Thank you to all the racers that have followed the NEMST over the last ten years and the SSSS over the past two seasons. Although this is a setback, it only motives us to work even harder in planning for a productive 2019 season where the racers WILL come first.  We will have new information available shortly.Please stay tuned to our Facebook pages for further developments.